Mr Withey uses a network of specialist clinicians including, Physiotherapist, Orthopaedic specialists and musculoskeletal specialists.

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Stubborn verrucae?


Verrucae (plantar warts) are a notorious source of frustration for both practitioners and patients alike, as no single treatment is completely effective in all patients.

Verruca needling is a simple and effective procedure for those stubborn plantar warts which have not responded to over the counter remedies or cyrotherapy (freezing).

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine (J. Clin. Med. 2013, 2, 13-21; doi:10.3390/jcm2020013) reported a 69% complete resolution from one simple procedure.


The procedure takes half an hour and is performed in the outpatient clinic under a local anaesthetic. 


To book an appointment call Mr Withey's secretary. 

Injection therapy


Joint pain/osteoarthritis, Morton's neuroma, plantar fasciitis (heel pain) can all respond to injection therapy.

Mr Withey uses steroid and Hyaluronan injections as a simple non operative treatment option to manage various foot complaints. Book an appointment to discuss the best treatment option for your individual complaint.


Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of synovial fluid. Hyaluronan injections help to lubricate joints, which can provide excellent pain relief.

Locking plate technology

The most up to date surgical techniques are used. Mr Withey routinely uses locking plates for joint fusions (arthrodesis). This enables a quicker return to normal activities.




Mr Withey's surgical technique for midfoot osteoarthritis

Arthritis of the tarsometatarsal joints is a challenging problem to treat; it can cause chronic foot pain and functional disability. This surgical technique uses a trephine to resect the joint and a dowel plug of bone graft with titanium locking plate fixation to remove the joint, published in the American Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery.

C.J. Withey et al. / The Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery 53 (2014) 243–247

Podiatric Surgery


Podiatric surgery is a specialist field of practice within the podiatry profession. Podiatric Surgeons are podiatrists who have had extensive postgraduate training in the surgical management of foot and ankle problems. 

Podiatric Surgeons are independent clinicians in the field of foot surgery and not medical doctors. They are to feet very much like dentists are to teeth. 




What is a Podiatric Surgeon?


Surgical outcomes and audit data


PASCOM-10 (Podiatric and Surgical Clinical Outcome Measurement) is a surgical audit tool used to evaluate surgical outcome and patient satisfaction.

Over the past four years between  Mr Withey has performed over 500 foot and ankle surgical procedures. 74% of patients reported their initial problem is much better and 21.1% better following surgery (95.1% overall sucess rate).


Mr Withey's audit data shows and impressive 98% of patient's who underwent hallux valgus (bunion) surgery were better or much better, 6 months following their surgery.


- Comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation to determine the cause of and best treatment for acute or chronic pain.

 - Post surgical rehabilitation

 - Accupuncture