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Consultations available at 

- Nuffield Health Ipswich


- Global clinic Norwich


- Melton Podiatry Practice


Specialist Clinician

Since graduating in 2001 Mr Withey has worked in the NHS specialising in Podiatric Surgery (foot surgery). He was awarded his fellowship in Podiatric Surgery (FRCPods) in 2013 and has worked as a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon since 2015.

Mr Withey's NHS practice consists of managing complex diabetic limb salvage surgery and elective foot surgery, as part of the Orthopaedic team.

Diagnostic Imaging

Gaining the correct diagnosis is imperitive. Diagnostic imaging (xrays, ultrasound, CT and MRI scans) helps establish an accurate diagnosis to tailor the treatment plan.

Diagnostic imaging can be offered at a variety of locations.



- Ingrowing toenails


- Verucca treatment


- Orthotics

- Hallux valgus (Bunions)


-  Hallux rigidus

- Hammer toes

- Achilles tendon pain

- Plantar fasciitis

- Flat feet

What You Need to Know 
Before Choosing a Surgeon

- Knowing the right questions to ask


- Is your surgeon specialist trained in foot    surgery?

- When is the right time to have surgery

- Exploring non-surgical alternatives - injection therapy under guided imaging